“Why do I volunteer at GBF?”

Recently I have been asked this question and have decided to put pen to paper and answer it. As a retired teacher, Grandma and Mother whose time was no longer needed on a daily basis, I was looking for something meaningful to do that didn’t involve meetings, timelines and schedules. I wanted to be able to come and go as I pleased, and if travel opportunities arose, to be able to leave with a free heart.

My mission was to find something that would keep me busy, helped the community and was worthy of my time and efforts. Well, almost 5 years ago I walked into the GBF at the Main Street location and met two wonderful “Toy Ladies”, Barb and Jean who welcomed me to their department. They taught me well and like them I feel I have the best job in the world. I love it!

Sorting toys, puzzles and games and supplying families, T V. grandparents and teachers with good quality items at reasonable prices. What could be better. As a teacher I know that activity based learning toys help enable a child to become a thinking, independent individual. I’ve seen first hand children role playing, constructing with building materials, drawing and know its importance in the primary years of a child. To see the smile on a face when a customer finds the item they are looking for is totally worth it.

I love being called the “Toy Lady” and you will see me with my little green wagon loaded up to fill the shelves in the toy department. If you are in need of something, let us know and we are more than willing to help you out. Even better come in and volunteer for a few hours in this worthwhile cause. I am 100% about helping children as much as possible to enable them to be strong, caring, literate adults.

As a proud member of the GBF I can speak highly about all the good things happening here daily. We are encouraged to try “new ideas” such as Sport in a Bag” and a “Dress Up Centre”, and there is a strong sense of community among the volunteers. This is a “hand up” organization and not a “hand out” as the motto suggests. Every effort is also made to “Reduce, Re-use and Recycle” where environmental concerns are paramount. The positive comments from the customers tell me we are on the right track. Mike Barretto would be proud of the GBF. With Stacy and Marion at the helm, his vision is being carried out for sure. I think GBF also stands for Great Benefits for Families.

So, in conclusion the GBF fulfills all the requirements I was looking for.

Hope to see you at the store.

“Learning happens in everything we do.
It is not just about reading a story at bedtime.”

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